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Last month I received the $50 Qld energy rebate off my bill's total ($187), and my account is set up to direct debit, so $50 was automatically taken off the full amount when the direct debit occurred. I was direct debited  $137.

This month I received a $50 balance brought forward, because last month's direct debit was $50 short (due to the rebate.) !!!! 

I have been trying to explain this to the consultant on instant message but was told "the reason you have a balance of $50 brought forward is because you only paid $137 last month" and then closed the conversation!!!!

I'm still waiting for this to be fixed and I don't plan on wasting any more of my time telling AGL how to do it's job. Seriously incompetent!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi Goldie,


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I'm sorry that you haven't received a sufficient explanation for this as of yet. Can I please ask if the credit was written on your most recent bill, or the previous bill? Alternatively, feel free to most a screen of the second page of your most recent bill (omitting any personal information) and I'll be happy to talk you through this.


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