Bill History missing since July 2020

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Why are my bills not being displayed in my Bill History? Most frustrating because I can't check usage or know when the next bill is due. The system has not been updated as requested to AGL a number of times. Anyone else in the same position/ how to fix it?

AGL Moderator
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Hi Quorn, we will need to review this one for you to get this resolved. Please get in touch via messenger in My Account or the AGL App so we can assist. 

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Thank you for finally correcting my Bill History. My History has not shown on my account for 6 months/ 2 rounds of accounts. I have also not been notified by email on an impending account (x2). This is my 9th communication on this matter to AGL! Fortunately, but sadly, by me resorting to joining "The community", today the Bill History is up to date. Can I be assured that I will get the normal email of the next bill payment?

By your system failing to work since July, previously a very good system, I have wasted a lot of time and built a lot of frustration on this matter. As being an active consumer watching and working to use my consumption effectively I want to be assured that the system of billing will live up to the previous standard of customer service.