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I cannot get any sense out of call centre or chat-is everyone incompetent in AGL as its looking that way.They cannot sort out final account correct amount left to pay?

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In these times you need to understand that there are lots of people that are being demanding because they have time on there side.

AGL have on their Website that they have reduced their contact hours due to overload or Covid issues.


If you have internet access they will email you a bill and you can pay it.


Not supplied them with an Email account you will have to wait until you receive the bill then you have the numbers of days to pay the bill.


If you have to wait for a Meter Reader, you will have to wait until your meter is read, the reading presented to AGL, it then processed and then finally presented to you via Email or regular mail.


Not an AGL employee but a user as you have just signed on to.


This is a forum where you can ask for assistance from like minded people.


When the time is right you will get your final bill, you can pay it and life will go on.


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Cheers Neil

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