AGL wont remove bushfire bill block

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AGl put a block on my bill because of bushfires, they did this without asking me despite the fact that I have told you on several occasions over the last 2 months that I dont want my bills blocked and I dont want them coming all at once.

In January the bill block was taken off at my request and the bill was issued.

This month I have spent around 3 hours on the phone on 3 occasions, the last with a supervisor in escalations who faithfully promised me a bill would be produced that night, but it wasn't.


Over the last two years, you made a complete mess of my bills because of meter readings, so I got a smart meter, then you made a complete mess of my bill smoothing because of the smart meter, so I went on monthly billing, now you are making a complete mess of my monthly billing because of some PR stunt about bushfires which you never bothered to ask us about and which you seem unable to now remove.

I went to the Ombudsman over the bill smoothing mess, if you don't issue a bill by Wednesday this coming week, this time I will get a lawyer and sue you for years of stress and broken promises.

I am sick of AGL, I fix one thing and then you muppets break somehting else.

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The supervisor I spoke to last week was condescending, impatient and treated me like an imbecile when I suggested that her promises would most likely based on previous experiences, not be met, which it turned out, they weren't.

Today I called to speak to her and despite the fact that she was there and not on the phone, not surprisingly she wouldn't take my call. Not once during our conversation did she display any inkling of compassion which makes this whole AGL bushfire response thing nothing but a sham PR job. When push comes to shove these people are always arrogant, patronsing and downright rude, bushfires or not.

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They put a ‘block’ on my account also!

And claimed it was because of the bushfires, when I’m not in a bushfire effected area.
I was waiting for a month for usage reads to show up, and for my bills to arrive but nothing. I then query what was going on with my account, and then they tell me they had placed a block on my account. This block was without any notification to me, and they had been charging this whole time, and now all of a sudden I owe two bills that are due in 3 weeks!? 
I called and spoke with the resolutions team, they best the could do was extend the second bill by two weeks.. 

AGL Moderator
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Hello Emily1, 


Welcome to AGL Community. 


The bill blocks have been put in place to help those who were in the bushfire areas, I am glad to hear you were not effected, the blocks were rolled out as per post codes so some people got them without needing them. 


Now that they are coming off if you do need more time with the bills we can support you with a payment plan if you need more time given the situation. You can request a payment plan through the AGL MyAccount or AGL App here alternatively if that does not give you the extension you need then you can contact us here


Thank you 


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Hi Ellen1, 


Thank you for the reply. 

Thank you for the explanation as to why a bill block was placed on my account, I do appreciate that. 


I understand and am empathetic to all those effected by the devastating bushfires, as it has been such a tough time for a lot of people. 


However, I am disappointed being a new customer, that there wasn’t any communication from AGL as to the bill block being placed on my account; no email, no text message, no communication at all. 

It doesn’t logically make sense, that a block would be placed on my account, without some form of communication. 
And, that I was still being charged as normal, but not to my knowledge or record anywhere.



It wasn’t until I took the initiative and reached out to AGL for an explanation as to why I cannot see my daily usage.
Which is when a member from your team advised me that there has been a block placed on my account, but they’ll now remove it, and now I owe two bills, and that I am coming into a new billing period... 

That obviously came as a shock! 

You have been the only member from your company to really break down the reasoning for the bill block on my account properly. As when I asked on several occasions for a reason why, many other team members didn’t answer the question or avoided it.
There was one lady in the resolution centre that did explain, that a lot of people all over Australia have had blocks placed on their accounts, due to the bushfires, but couldn’t pin point why my account had a block placed on it, when I’m not in a bushfire effected area. 

I do appreciate the offering of the payment plan, in effort to support me, however I just want to make it clear how this has inconvenienced me, and I am disappointed in the lack of communication from AGL in regards to the initial bill block on my account. 

Surely I am not the only customer this has happened to..