Electric vehicle newsletter - glitches

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So far I've noticed some technical glitches in the first "Electric vehicle newsletter", and wanted to give feedback to AGL:

  • Header has link with non-mail merged text [CONTRACT_ACCOUNT] that links to nothing
  • Welcome text: Hi Liam, <-- but my name isn't Liam.  Assuming this was hardcoded instead of mail merged
    • There are some accessibility glitches like:
      • 1) Alt text for image doesn't match the image
      • 2) Using "here" for several links makes it harder to distinguish the links from each other, and isn't self describing


And most importantly to me, the survey link:

Please respond to our survey to help

Asks me to log in to my Microsoft Online account.  I can only assume someone pasted a link to something that requires authentication.


Overall, I look forward to the 2nd electric vehicle newsletter, and a proper link to the survey.



Happy to answer questions,


AGL Community Manager
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Thanks for the quick feedback @Stephen2Aus , much appreciated.


@liam1 , looks like a few things to tweak in the Newsletter!

AGL Employee
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Thanks very much for the feedback @Stephen2Aus . Had a few teething issues and glitches but will have these rectified for the second edition. None the less, I hope the newsletter was of interest/value to you and we will no doubt improve future editions based on customers feedback. 


Thanks again

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Definitely was mate, can we get an updated survey link, so we can contribute?