Electric Vehicle Smart Charging trial by AGL Next

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Just trying to find out if I can qualify for this program as I am on the VPP in SA.
Does this disqualify me?

When will people be selected for this trial? 


Thanks kindly



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Hey Tony,


Like many things good for the environment (and electric car owners), our governments state & federal are messing us around and failing us.


The regulations that allow bi-directional chargers in Australia have been changing and going back and forth for what is becoming years now.


The Wallbox Quasar team expected to launch in ~Aug 2020. Then it was Jun 2021, then end of year 2021. Here we are end Jan 2022 and nothing.


Because of this, AGL is blocked from implementing the V2H smart-charging trial, unfortunately.


I think the best we can do to get on the trial is keep posting here occasionally, and watching this forum for updates.


Best of luck mate, but I think we need to be patient with AGL still. Perhaps contacting your member of parliament or Clean Energy Council might yield more detailed information.


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Good news; EV chargers for V2G and V2H to arrive in Australia within weeks, after long delays - ABC News

Really wanting access to this function already available in my Outlander 2020 PHEV. 

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Looking forward to getting the fine details sorted so I can add my Outlander PHEV 2021 to my Home/Grid connection using the Wallbox Quasar. 


I'm hopeful that by the time the approvals are sorted there will be other hardware options available.... The competition may be a good thing:)

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Wallbox Quasar specs pdf 


Diffy's (National Electrical distributor) has partnered with Jet chargers for distribution of the Wallbox Quasar bidirectional charger. Heres a link to a PDF spec sheet

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Thanks @MikeP !! Closing in... can't wait