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The AGL App should be upgraded to allow for Paypal payments and other payment types to be processed directly in the App. At this stage the only way to pay in the App is to enter credit card details or bank details and I’m not convinced of the security of the App to do this. I have to go to the main website and search for your payment options to make a Paypal transaction when really this could just be facilitated via the App. 

Hi Kaz, I think the best payment method is to use your Bank Account and pay by BPAY. Once you have set up the details into your Bank account. Its as simple as using PayPal is as secure as PayPal. If you want you can set up regular payments to pay into your account and not have to pay a large amount once every three months. The app gives you an idea of what your predicted bill will be divide the number by 90 (the number of days in a billing cycle) then multiply that by 14 to get a fortnightly payment. Eg: Predicted bill is $521 521 divided by 90 = $5.80 a day multiply that by 14 to get $81 a fortnight. Pay that amount every pay you will be real happy when you get your bill. Remember to check the app regularly to adjust your payment amount as it does basically the same as my calculation above. It divides your current usage by the number of days that have been reported. Then calculates the amount that you have to pay each day. Then multiplies that amount by 90 to get your estimated usage cost. The 90 figure I use is not an exact amount and may change a small amount ( there are 365 days in a year / 4 = 91.25) . If you look on your bill you will see your next Meter Read date. As you have an electronic meter that will be the date of the read. You can always look at your bank account to see how much you have paid. Or if you have a computer or a tablet you can view your payments made on the AGL Web page I have only just installed the app myself and do not find it that useful. (I always use the Web interface) You cannot download any of the data, you cannot view any of your bills, you cannot see your payments. Cheers Neil
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Hi @Kaz101,


Thank you for your feedback.


Paying with PayPal is available in the app which you can get to by clicking on "PAY ONLINE". We acknowledge that this isn't easy to find so we are making improvements to make this more obvious.

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