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Hi team,

I'd love the ability to easily find the recent X e.g. 10 posts per board & also overall.

When I return to Neighbourhood, I'd love to quickly work out which posts are new, which would direct me to view/posts on those specific threads. 

Currently I can open each section, and see who last commented, but it's slower/more clunky than a typical forum in my view. 

EDIT: I should have posted this in AGL Neighbour Feedback and Ideas 

I also notice the edit menu in ideas (for this thread at least) shows 2 edit buttons, the 2nd doesn't do anything seemingly.






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Thanks for the feedback @Panda . Are you talking about having a way to highlight all the threads that are new (or newly updated) since your last visit?

Super Charger

Yep that's right - a way to easily view all 'unread' or 'new' posts. I know that newest posts per category seem to be shown at the top, but I can't seem to work out if there's a way to simply see all new posts across Neighbourhood, some forums will show this on the main page at the bottom in the form of a 'recent 10 posts'

What I'm trying to solve for is if I visit the forum, what is new, what can I read & reply to? It might help the moderators and yourself also?

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Great -  the new layout should have tabs to show only "recent" and "unsolved" posts, so I think  this should provide the functionality you're after.


I click o"unsolved" and nothing happens. The posts I see are in no order, even the year is varied, like;





then back to 2018 etc

Very frustrating 

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The new design should go some way to addressing this capability. Each category and board should show the most the most recent posts under the "recent" tab, and the "Latest discussions" feed on the homepage will show the latest overall, with pinned posts above this.


This does need some improvement though, as while this is sorted by most recent reply, the post preview only shows the date of the initial post in a topic. @Cross I think this is the issue you're seeing.

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