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We have two accounts with AGL. One Business and one residential. 

My computer always defaults to just one account, which does not allow me to pay for the other. Can you please advise how I can toggle between two accounts please.

Account number ** and Account number **

Thank you.

AGL Moderator
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Hello @Arno, Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us. 


I have updated your post to protect your personal details. 


Unfortunately, we are unable to link residential and business accounts on the AGL app or MyAccount. 


If you are able to access one of the accounts, I would recommend using a different email address on the other account so we can register it for you. Once the account is registered you will be able to pay the bills for that account using the AGL app or MyAccount. 


Would you like me to help out and change the email address on one of your accounts? 


Kind Regards,