Chatbots are supposed to be a quick way of getting an answer

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Chatbots are supposed to be a quick way of getting an answer.

I commend your digital employees for responding to chats very quickly, but the whole point of chat windows are so that people can get answers QUICKLY. Yesterday, a live person took over an hour to respond, clearly didn't read the information I had posted (which contained clearly everything needed to resolve my question, including me saying I couldn't wait any longer and to please email me - they didn't), and their response was to ask for the same information I had provided. Today I log on again to find the request for already provided information, and have been waiting over an hour for a response.

Why don't you just outsource your entire Indian call centres to an AI provider. They might do a better job.

Also, your chatbots should provide a Conversation ID so we can refer to it in complaints to our energy ombudsman, just to make it easier for you to get fined.

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @rrrrRRRR  - just to confirm, were you accessing live chat via the button on this page