Unexpectedly high bill

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I'm not sure why the last Bill was so high.


I compared my solar usage with the Bill usage for 23 July 2023.


My solar usage said usage was 1.2kWh for the day.

My AGL Bill said usage was 139.78 kWh for theday.


I don't seem to understand what is being measured by the two systems.Screen Shot 2023-09-21 at 4.07.51 pm.pngScreen Shot 2023-09-21 at 4.06.54 pm.png

AGL Moderator
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Hello @Timbo, Thank you for reaching out. 


The AGL app and your invoices reflects any excess solar that has been exported to the grid and does not factor any solar that have been used throughout the day. 


We can always verify the data that has been recorded on your meter, however, we are unable to compare the data on your solar app. 


You can find further information on our website via https://www.agl.com.au/help-support/energy/manage-your-account/solar-and-battery/solar-and-battery-m...


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