Send a message option in account takes me in circles

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I'm posting this as it is the only place I can get to by following prompts in my account 'help and support'.


Have contacted AGL about weird meter readings. Apparently all of my readings are actual HOWEVER the first reading taken in March 2022 (38052) is almost identical to the one taken in March 2023 (38064). This meant my most recent bill was equivalent to an entire 12 months instead of a quarter.


I've spoken with someone at AGL who gave me a reference number and said it had already been sorted before I called. Not the case I'm afraid!


Now we have massive phone queues, people unable to get through (eg 20 minutes on hold for me today) and I imagine many people in bill distress as well as worn out call centre operators. BUT. This doesn't resolve this error!


Instead AGL website prompts direct me to crowdsourcing a solution to someone's admin error...


Anyhoo - has anyone cracked the code on how to actually send a secure message to AGL through your account once you've logged in?

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Having the exact same problem, have given up on phone (2x30min) and tried message or chat. but "my Account" takes me in circles. My problem relates to recent price increases following plan cancellations by AGL. Email advice from them that plan to be cancelled and replaced in June by increasing costs by about 30%. Expected so no complaint and running on that now. Have now received second email advising another cancellation of plan and that from 25 July a new plan will be in place. Calculated previous months bill at new rates and it shows this second increase will result in an increase of over 200% against that bill amount. Cant phone them and cant chat or message them.  Frustrating in the extreme.

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Hmmm, still going in circles myself. I received an email from AGL neighbourhood at 1am asking if I got the answer I needed. Well no, not at all - just more of the same circle work


The issue AGL has forced me to deal with is unrelated to the blanket price rises from 1 July. I'm afraid we're all in the same boat re the recent electricity price increase.