Power regularly tripping mains

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For a while now the power has been regularly tripping the Mains Switchboard. No rhyme or reason but have tried turning power outlets off and leaving off etc to see if we can locate the trouble. Had a couple of Electricians in who also say that all looks ok, so wondering what we can do next ?


Is there someway of monitoring how the power is being used so we can locate the fault ? it may be the Switchboard itself ??


It is happening almost every day now and at no distinct time, can be during the day or night or ...


We are wits end on this.


AGL Community Manager
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Hi @jzryk8 , have you tried troubleshooting by isolating specific appliances to see if one is maybe tripping it? Obviously if it's happening at no particular time it would have to be an appliance that is always running at those times, like a fridge or freezer.

You  could also potentially try contacting your local electricity distributor to see if they're aware of any network issues. You'll find them listed on your AGL bill.