Is it possible to download Billing Data as a CSV?

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I've been able to download basic usage data over the last couple of years which is of some value.


What I'm really after is the ability to download the summary details that appear in my bills i.e. kwh used during peak, shoulder, etc so that I can do some detailed comparison and scenarios between other electricity providers.

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Note, you can only do this with a digital meter . . .


From the AGL website, when logged into your account, on the usage page (little download icon top right you can download the previous 2 years of data showing all the various tariff charges you might have on your plan, as well as solar feed in if applicable.

AGL provides this in the regular 1/2 hour intervals, and it's usually available updated end of next day, sometimes longer at weekends / public holidays.


You can probably also download your suppliers data, and that might be shown in 5 min intervals, as is it with my electricity here in SA through SAPN.

I had to open an account to login into my electricity supplier SAPN as well to do this.


Pretty sure the regulator makes this mandatory to provide through at least the retailer, and probably by the supplier too.


If you have an older analogue meter, all the data is available daily / weekly / monthly from the meter readings you'd have to take yourself, a bit of a pain to do.


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Sorry just re-read your post, summaries.

Ah, you'd probably have to make a spreadsheet tailored to show what you want it to.

Not easy with your digital data if you have TOU, CL etc as there are a lot of lines !! 

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Although you maybe able to download your meter data it requires further  processing to obtain the data as supplied in your Electricity Bill.

Something similar to below.


New charges and credits
Usage and supply charges Time of use Units Price Amount
Peak          6am-10am and 3pm-1am every day         279.658 kWh
Off peak     All other times                                           136.666 kWh
Shoulder   10am-3pm every day                                     2.763 kWh


Now this the that date from my last quarterly bill.


Your bill will tell you the number of days in the billing period


Electricity charges are based on an actual meter reading
Bill period: 3 Jan 2024 to 1 Apr 2024 (90 days)


From this you can calculate your daily usage.

For instance my peak usage is :

Peak   279.658 kWh divided by 90 days = 3.107 kWh per day.


Do the same for each meter.


Monthly bills can be calculated similarly but are not as accurate as Quarterly Billing as the number of days in a month varies but can still be used for comparisons.


One you have your daily usage then you can easily use a spread sheet to give you the price comparisons.


I use the meter data supplied by AGL to calculate my expected bill based on my average daily usage.


Bill Due 01-Jul-24
Last Date Entered : 22/05/2024
Current Bill AGLJun24
This is an Estimated Bill
Peak-$  104.09
Off Peak-$ 36.47
Total-$ 236.22
GST-$ 23.62
Costs Total inc GST-$ 359.84
Solar Feed in $ 198.26
Total Charges/Credits-$ 61.58
Payment Per Fortnight-$4.40
Cost Per Day-$0.68
You are 57% into this bill



Above is my expected bill due on the 30th June

Total Charges / Credits show that I will have ESTIMATED Bill of $61.58 payment DUE

If I didn't have solar my bill would be over $360 as my Heat Pump Hot-water service uses power from my Solar Panels during the day.


So my investment in solar is saving me about $1200 a year.


Hope this helps

Cheers Neil

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