Customer Service refund chat

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It is very difficult to navigate your web-based communications system in regards to feedback. My short view is that the web site is "clunky" and your customer service is below acceptable standards. I am not interested in excuses but progressive improvement.


The issue was a request for a refund of a credit balance on my Telecommunications account.


The "chat" started on 17/07/2022 and, eventually, the issue was resolved on 29/09/2022. It took over 60 chat interactions to finally have the matter resolved in 10 minutes on the final day.


Questions, questions and questions - some understandable for customer validation but others were just repeats from previous conversations by "chat". Extensive time between interactions (some overnight) and even one instance in the middle of it all saying "RESOLVED".


Loved the proforma end "How did we do?"


"Not happy Jan"



AGL Community Manager
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Hi @CarienHB. Sorry to hear you had a frustrating time with support, and I appreciate the constructive feedback. The credit refund process in particular is something we're working to improve.