Your Ideas in Action

AGL Community Manager
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We're always looking for ways to improve AGL products and services, and your ideas can make a big difference.


That's why we have the Ideas section here on Neighbourhood. It's a place where you can share your ideas (big or small) for fixing things that aren't working, adding new features, or shaping plans for the future.


You can submit new Ideas of your own or vote on other Neighbourhood members' Ideas to help us prioritize the ones you'd like us to work on.

We also have a Delivered Ideas page, to showcase the Ideas you suggested that we've already brought to fruition!

Turning Ideas into reality doesn't always happen quickly - sometimes popular ideas require big changes - but every Idea you share is reviewed and investigated, and many find their way into our roadmaps.

So if you've got an idea that could shake things up, head over and share it.