Rewards and how are they applied to my bill?

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Hi my accounts, gas & electricity is often in credit, particularly in the warmer months as I make payments each pay day throughout the year. So I'd expect to see some evidence of any reward on my bill and yet there's nothing. What am I missing?


The following is from the AGL Account website.

What to look for on your bill

Our calculation considers all of your AGL accounts and includes the following (where they apply to your energy plan):

  • Guaranteed discount (%)
  • Pay on Time discount (%)
  • Direct debit reward (%)
  • Double Up reward (%)
  • Once Off account credit ($)
  • Ongoing account credit ($)
  • AGL bonus ($)
  • Prepaid bonus credit ($)

You'll find any applicable discounts or credits under the 'Credits' or 'Previous balance and payments' heading on the last page of your bill.







AGL Moderator
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Hi Berns,


Thank you for reaching out.


We appreciate that you are paying your bill on time, in order to point you in the right direction could you please advise which specific reward you are trying to locate on your bill.


Kind regards,