Better NBN status updates/communication around NBN incidents

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Late yesterday around 4:30pm the NBN dropped out, only to find out later around 8pm after searching AGL and NBN Co websites multiple times that there was a 'major incident' on the AGL NBN status/outage page that cause NBN outage in the Karingal/Mt Eliza area.

This outage page wasn't the most intuitive to find (a 'major incident' should front and center - maybe a scrolling alert bar at the top of the AGL website), but was informative enough to understand why the NBN was down.

The other issue is the very, very late text message from AGL that arrived at 12:34am to inform of the said incident.  The text message wasn't up to date either, compared with the NBN status/outage page, which said that services were restored by this time.

NBN has become essential so improvements should be made so that these text notifications are sent at the time the incident is identified, and any impacts to these services should be made very clear on AGL's website - like a scrolling 'Alert' bar at the top of the page.

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The link for NBN outages is that is a link I have saved on my PC and first place of call, very handy.


Like I have links for Bushfires  and SES , also Power Outages .


On some sites you can click an "ALERT ME" button and if there is an outage / alert you will get a SMS message informing you.