Would you please be able to overlay weather information with the usage data

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Would you please be able to overlay weather information with the usage data? I feel like it would be useful especially in summer months to see the correlation between weather and electricity usage for air conditioner, etc. 
Also since you have the data it would be good to get a comparison of your usage on any given day to other similar households. 
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Thanks for the feedback Mark, we're working on some improvements for usage insights and this is a really interesting idea.  Are you benchmarking yourself against others with this info or just trying to establish whether there are better ways to save money on your energy?  

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Hey Mark, i'm going to move this into good idea, please vote.  I really like the idea but i'd like to get more of an idea whether this is something others like.  Please feel free to share any comments on this and vote if you like the idea by clicking on the thumbs up icon.

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Definately need this weather information overlay the idea of from years ago and is a good one. What's the go. Why have you not taken this idea forward. When customers review their dollar usage vs solar generation because the days is historical we need a weather reference to provide context as what the likely sun conditions were against the data. This is the final part of the equation for the customer to validate the data. 'oh yeah my solar generation was not that high that day cause it was cloudy and rainy' . Also your app data is 48hours lagging......why.......?

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Hi @Jkmakaa, thanks for bringing this to my attention. When our developers decide on which ideas to implement, we take into consideration the amount of resources required to develop it, and how popular the requests are. And in fact, you're the first person to mention this one since it was posted a few years ago! However, I think it's a cool idea, so I'll look into where it's sitting on our roadmap.

As for the delay in usage data displaying, we are limited by how often the metering provider sends the data through to us, which generally takes 24-48 hours.