What's New for the AGL app v8.5 - Usage Insights Electricity and Solar, AGL Rewards and more!

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We're pleased to announce we've recently released version 8.5 of the AGL app. This update (along with v8.4) adds new features including:


Solar Usage Insights – helping customers compare their monthly and weekly energy use and energy sold to grid to gain insights and be energy efficient.


Usage Insights UI Uplift all new UI for usage insights with improved chart interactions, improved colour contrast and enhanced accessibility features.


AGL Rewards on For You – allowing customers to save on Australia’s favourite brands with a range of discounts and offers.


and more.. updates to help section for movers, new mobile offer, bug fixes and UI improvements throughout the app.


Usage Insights UI Uplift and Solar Insights

Usage Insights for Smart Electricity and Solar allows customers to compare their usage through monthly and weekly charts, gain insights on their energy use to help them better manage their electricity and be energy efficient.



 Key Features of Usage Insights UI Uplift and Solar Insights

  • Chart comparison/summary of the last 12 months of usage in cost ($) and usage (kWh) as well as daily and monthly averages (cost and usage). The months with the highest and lowest cost and usage are also presented.
  • Weekly comparison/summary for a specific month to see weekly usage comparison, average usage per week as well as comparison of this month’s usage to pervious and next month.
  • Solar customers can compare their monthly and weekly usage including ‘Bought from grid’ and ‘Sold to grid’ values (in kWh/$) as well as average monthly and weekly figures.


AGL Rewards on For You

AGL Rewards tile on the For You section of the app allows customers to sign up to and access AGL Rewards so that they can save on Australia’s favourite brands with a range of discounts and offers giving existing customers more reasons to stay with AGL.




To check out these features for yourself, head over to Using the AGL App and download the app today from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.


Help us keep improving the app

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