Time-shifted rating

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My electricity bill is showing usage at incorrect times. A very obvious example of this is when we charge our car from 10pm. The actual rating of cost for this usage show in the app up to 3 hours later. Give we have time based rates this is a significant problem. 

AGL Moderator
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Hi @TeePee159Victor, Thank you for getting in touch. 


So that we can assist you with your account, please contact us. Our contact centre is available 24/7, you can find how to contact us via www.agl.com.au/contact-us


Kind Regards, 


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Unfortunately, the wait times the past 3 times I've called have been excessive - 15 minutes to get through to someone and then I get redirected to customer resolutions (or another group) where I'm added to another queue and more waiting. I think I'll pass on that. 


Just for clarity - I set my car to charge from 10pm (off peak) and I know that it actually works and charges as scheduled but the usage isn't showing up on the app until 1am (3 hours later).


Either the app is flawed and it is displaying incorrectly or rating of usage is shifted by 3 hours.