Web Browser Faults

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Earlier this week I could log into my agl account by using Firefox. Now when i log into it the sign in pages comes up and wont let me in.. I know my password is correct as I got into this Discussion topic ok.

Also again, Ealier this week i logged into my account using Internet Explorer., Now when i try to log in i get a blank page. with only AGL Identity on the tab and NO log in page is displayed. Can you fix your website up please?

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New customer here and unable to log in with Firefox. I enter my email address and it then takes me to a one time code page. I successfully receive the code via the provided email address, enter it and then hit "Next". This automatically loops me back to the initial email entry page. I cannot proceed (tried about 10 access codes). There's no error message at all.


I was able to log in via Safari on my iPhone after setting up the AGL App. I created a password for logging in. I still encounter the same issue when attempting to use Firefox and email / password login.


No ad-blockers etc are running.

EDIT - Using the back arrow trick worked.

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Hi @TRiPWiRE , thanks for the feedback. We're actively working on improving the log in experience right now, so details like these will definitely help.

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@don3192 reports that this login issue is ongoing - I'm moving this across to the technical issues board

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Just upgraded to Firefox 69.0 and now cant log in.. Enter User-id and password and firefox returns back to the login screen wth now error messages. User-id and password are correct. Works ok with Microsoft Edge
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Unable to log into AGL website using Firefox 99 on Mac (no extensions enabled).

Can login on Safari.


Any ideas? THanks