Updated AGL app today and now it will not even open!

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Since I have updated app with the latest update it won’t even open! I have tried dozen of times and rebooted ipad but still will not open. After a while it just shuts own, terrible.

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Ok Chris,

The only reason I use the app is to possibly help some users.

Run Win 11 with a 24" screen and it makes everything so easy to read.

I also download the ZIP file and convert it into a industry standard file which is easily read.

The download data from AGL is getting better with the previous days data being available around 1500 (3pm) each day.

From the data, I create reports that allow me to see daily usage, calculate my EXACT daily usage and create financial data.

Using that data I can also calculate my expected bill, the expected bill gives me the required information to pay fortnightly towards my bill to avoid bill shock.


The spreadsheet that I use to enter the daily data I collect is now in it's seventh year.


Other than a quick look at the usage graph and the supplied usage\costs while I download the data it takes me less than THREE minutes to have all the data converted, entered into a spreadsheet then view the current bill prediction.


As to usage there are two of us in the house:


Reporting from 20231005 for 78 Days

DATE       TYPE     NMI  Days Last Data Meter Read   Day Avg
20231221 Solar        B1     78      35.734     2108.052      27.026
20231221 General   E1      78        2.968      232.870        2.986
Meter E2 was skipped as it contained no data 0.0

Process Time was : 0.159809 seconds


As you can see we do not use much electricity (two of us), we have 24 panels and 5kW inverter, the figures look good but the end result is that our bill prediction is saying a credit of $2.78 on our next bill.

Bill Due
Last Date Entered : 21/12/2023
Current Bill AGLJan24
This is an Estimated Bill
Supply $      94.14
Paper Bill $    
Peak $      83.36
Off Peak $      37.71
Shoulder $        0.93
Total $    216.14
GST $      21.61
Costs Total $    216.14
Solar Feed in-$   240.54
Total Charges+Credits-$     24.40
Debit / Advance $  
Total Payable+GST-$       2.78
Payment Required Per Fortnight-$       0.43
Cost Per Day-$       0.03
You are 87% into this bill


This is a far comparison from the Web Page which states a credit of $97.90 and I have 12 days still to go before the bill is due.


However you should note that NOT included in the AGL page is the supply cost, which you can see on my predicted bill will be $94.14 for the 90 days.


The figure that AGL should be showing for my SUPPLY CHARGE should be $81.59 and so my APPROXIMATE usage from AGL for the 21st DEC should be a credit of $9.55.


The actual details for my account on the 21st Dec should have stated.

Elect Used $ 105.7360
Supply $   81.5880
GST $   18.7324
Sol Rate 1-$ 154.5969
Sol Rate 2-$  53.8703
Total-$    2.4108


Anyway, glad that you have resolved your Query to your satisfaction, have a Merry Christmas and a Great New Year.

Cheers Neil

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Does the same thing on my iPhone with the AGLapp. This rubbish app hasn’t worked since you released the update 8.9.0 on the iPhone? It takes forever to start if it does & in the meantime you can watch your battery % decreasing in front of your eyes!!!!!


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I am sorry to hear this is also happening to you, but I was thinking I was the only one! You are spot on since that latest update 8.9.0 the app is totally useless. I have literally tried everything to get this up and running but it is the app itself, totally screwed up. Exactly like you say, it sits there going round and round watching battery life disappear. Then on the odd occasion it does get to the login screen, then when you click “Login” the whole thing crashes and shut down.

This is definitely not an ipad or iphone issue it is definitely an app upgrade issue! Worst thing is with apple you can’t even revert back to the previous version of the app, so no hope of sorting this until another app update hopefully corrects it. I have never had this happen with any other app in all the years I have used ipad and iphone.