Unable to submit my own meter reading

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I can't submit my own meter reading it keeps saying it needs to be validated by a team member and get told by a team member that it has been validated and I would be able to submit my own meter reading and that was a lie. Then I get told that my patience and cooperation is highly appreciated. It would be fixed as soon as possible and that the app is facing some issues and not showing the reads

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Hi @Beck2989 , welcome to the Neighbourhood! Sorry to hear you've had some trouble submitting your own meter reads.


From your description here, it sounds like you've been in touch with support and the issue is being addressed - is that correct? Is there anything the community can help you out with in the meantime?

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my app does not have the ability to submit reads anymore

home - electricity - usage - ????


also the AGL website also I cannot submit a read

it has my address greyed out and in the meter read section says service is ineligible 


Please provide an email address can I send a meter read to AGL each quarter if the app no longer supports self reads and neither does the website?


I just submitted verbally by phone but that took ages

i need an email address to send the photos please

You need an easy way to submit reads please


many thanks






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Hi @RegBarrett - it sounds like you may have had a meter upgrade to a smart meter, which does not allow for self meter reads.

If that's the case, there is no need to submit self reads, as the meter itself updates AGL every 5 minutes.

In case you don't have a smart meter, I will message you privately for your details.

Kind regards,

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No I never got the smart meter upgrade I am still on the old meters
The installer said the meter box was not suitable and hence never received new meter.
See attached photos of existing old meters.

So what is an email I can send photos like this to AGL for a quarterly meter read please?

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