Trying to reply to messages from AGL

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It is frustrating when replying to an email relating to my account

when the message get bounced back advising me that the email address does not

receive emails???


What is the point of this exercise unless it is to muzzle the customer by restricting information or the right to reply?

I also had an early in my time with AGL. The  second day when I received a list of questions of customer satisfaction and the program crashed and display a message about failure,  I replied to an address on the foot of the original questions and the message also bounced back


This would seem to be the way of dealing with Customers, keep them on line waiting for support staff that promises to look into my account, which does no good nothing happens or restrict emails to one way traffic. 


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We’ve been hard at work designing a brand new interface for solar users. You’ll be able to view your solar generation, track how much you’re feeding back into the grid and more Upsers

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Hi Schumm,


Welcome to my  little Moan on the sad offering from AGL.

For a company that relies on communication and technology  AGL are very slow to address malfunctioning

programs or are they like so many others that do product testing in the market place with endless faults and updates.


AGL's app is good when it's working. ;-(


I and most solar owner / users have a program or app that is linked with their inverter  that already gives them what your describing.