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I'm trying trying trying MANY times to contact AGL but never get anywhere as they keep cutting off!  All I'm TRYING to do is to download PDF of my account so I can print it and pay it at the post office. Have printed it but it doesn't print the whole of  2  pages leaving the bottom part off that has the barcode on it so am unable to pay it at the post office. I'm fed up and spent so much time trying to print it SO can YOU please check to see if you have the download page set up properly as this seems the problem .  PLESE HELP  

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @doraandPerkins1 ,


You can download any of your past bills in PDF format by logging into your My Account page and visiting the "Billing" tab.


These PDFs are your full bills, including the barcode for Post Billpay, so as long as your PDF viewer and printer is configured correctly at your end, you'll be able to print the entire page and scan it at the post office. Fortunately there's lots of other ways to pay as well, including through My Account, the app, the AGL website, direct debit, PayPal, via SMS and via mail!