Delay in receiving app solar and grid info

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I’m trying to determine what the usual delay is between a customers daily figures and when they are given to the customer on the app. I have only recently become a customer if AGL and am disappointed at the time it takes, so far about 36-48 hours. 

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Hi ricjud, 


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The general time frame is approximately 2 days. Your usage data is sent to the metering company and then the meter company provides that data to AGL. Once we've received the data, your usage data will be updated on your My Account. 


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Just wondering why other electricity providers have the instant Energy app like AGL,

The refresh rates is 30mins -1 hr Delay Rather the 48 hrs 


cam this be changed with AGL 

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Hi Stuarttjfsmith! 


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The data upload time is dependent on who we need to get the data from, this can be delayed mostly around the weekends and public holidays. 


I will provide your feedback around shortening this time for future upgrades. 


Thank you