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Hey all,

I have issues with the bill paying function of the AGL app. It let me pay my bill 3 times. And as a result, my bank account got charged dishonour fee twice as i didnt put enough money in my account to pay my bill 3 times obviously. I contacted the AGL help desk and they told me to call the resolution team or contact back on Monday instead of today- Saturday. I understand its the weekend and all but, why have someone work when they cannot even issue me $10 credit towards my next bill? Why are they even there to work at help desk? Its a minimal amount but clearly its because the app let me click on pay my bill multiple times and process multiple payment for the same bill. It wasnt at all my fault.Usually if you click on the payment option multiple times, the app will show you an error or the “process payment” button will be grey out. This is not the case for AGL. I strongly think they need to fix their app!
Has  anyone got the same issue?  

Super Charger
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Hey Elliele, 

I agree if it was fault of he app that caused it, they should offer a small gesture of covering the fee, and a small additional amount to remedy the inconvenience.

How'd the matter pan out? 

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