AGL app not showing data

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The AGL app is not showing usage data since 24 March! Is there are problem? 

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Yes, mine as well, I doubt you'll get an answer. 

They screwed up the data last time back in early Feb - then did a guestimate for the entire bill.. 

Advise to you to take screenshots of current data for the entire bill or as much as you can - as they will most likely , delete it. and change the billing cycle. 

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Mine is the same. No one at AGL seems interested. 

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Thanks for the tip! just took a screen shot 🙂 

I had a web chat reply from AGL, apparently there was an issue with meter data not getting to AGL on one day in Feb. do they told me they put a ‘block’ on my account, and so I can’t see the data. I was told it would be rectified by 24 March. Which is ridiculous. 
I hope they don’t do the guesstimate bill because of 1 day of missing data. 

AGL Moderator
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Hi TrishM, welcome to AGL Neighbourhood! 


From time to time, our billing team may need to place a hold on your account while they are working with your meter provider and electricity network to have your usage data verified. Once we've been updated, our billing team will lift the hold from your account and your data will then reflect the new data for you.