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Knock Knock - Anybody home AGL?

To Whom IT (Information and Tech) may concern. You guy's all on a coffee break?I think it time you fix the data problem, and sent the bill for this cycle. What's the hold up?For every day that I'm not seeing my data can I bill you late fee's? No data from the 24th of last month... *knock knock* ? hello?! Seeing as you like to estimate. I suggest you underestimate for every single customer, seeing as it's your problem not the customers.
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Re: AGL app not showing data

Yes, mine as well, I doubt you'll get an answer. They screwed up the data last time back in early Feb - then did a guestimate for the entire bill.. Advise to you to take screenshots of current data for the entire bill or as much as you can - as they will most likely , delete it. and change the billing cycle.
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