AGL App/Website usage data price wrong

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Hello, I recently signed up to AGL for electricity on the Night Saver EV plan which offers $0.08/kWh to charge my EV between 12am and 6am.


My general daily per kWh rate is about $0.31


I noticed in the app and on the website usage data is correct and this lines up with what my PowerPal tells me.


Eg. At 8pm on the 24th of August I used 8.23 kWh and the price says I used $0.65, quickly doing the maths it seems as though the whole day I used 55.54 kWh and the total cost was $4.42.


This seems incorrect and is like it's giving me the $0.08/kWh throughout the whole day not just between 12am and 6am.


This probably isn't correct and I'm most likely being billed the right amount just the data and price on AGL's system is wrong.


My usage for 2 days and 76 kWh it says I've used 76 kWh and $6.04


My cost so far says it is $19.44 which seems more realistic to my usage costs.


I've tried calling and chatting to AGL but am getting nowhere.


I've attached a few screenshots of my usage data below.

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It's concerning that the system might not be reflecting the Night Saver EV plan correctly. Since your PowerPal data aligns with your calculations, there could be a technical issue on their end. Continue attempting to reach AGL's customer support, providing screenshots and explaining the situation.

Best regard,
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I tried that, they just seem to say it's a estimate on my usage. If I have a smart meter it shouldn't be an estimate and their usage aligns up with my PowerPal data.


I just don't think their system can differentiate the difference between the rates and time of use.


This was the response I got back from my last chat session with them.


Hi BENJAMIN I can understand you are concerned regarding the bill projection reflecting online. Just to inform the amount that is reflecting online is just an estimated amount and not your actual bill. I would request you to wait for the bill to be issued and sent to you and if you have any issues with the bill kindly contact us so that we can check and assist you accordingly as we can go ahead and check the account once the bill is issued.

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Update after 6 days usage.

Cost so far seems to add up ok, not sure on the bill projection yet but in the 2nd screenshot the usage so far for 219 kWh doesn't add up, pretty much if you multiply the total usage of my household with my EV charging plan of $0.08 it equals $17.52, close enough to the $17.50 shown. There is no way 219 kWh would be that cheap, I'd expect this amount to show my daily rate + EV charging rate to be closer to the $45.65 cost so far amount.