Include message about usage delays

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Your app is pretty cool, but I wanted to get daily updates on my solar and energy usage. Ive learned from other customers that there's always a couple of days delay, but maybe add a heads-up on the usage screen to explain this so people aren't expecting it sooner

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Hi @Bensenville - that's a good suggestion. You're correct that there's a built-in delay to usage data that AGL doesn't have control over. Other customers have noticed this and found it frustrating as well, so I think it could be communicated more clearly. Besides this, how is the usage display via the app performing for you? 

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I like the app, and how you can get down to hourly figure blocks of time, then mouse over to see KWH used and $ value for that hour period.

On the web based account info, there are 4 blocks of daily overview, night (0000 - 0500), morning, afternoon, and evening.


That really could be 30min blocks like the data is supplied in, but hourly is good enough for checking things are generally on track for tariffs applied.

It's very helpful to be able to see that the TOU and charges are applied correctly.


That is the only way to really see the breakdown of TOU KWH and if it is applied correctly $ wise to the overview cost to date, or when you get a bill.

Unless done at billing time and one has a fairly complex spreadsheet to pull that data apart and apply the right TOU charges to KWH used in each of the blocks of 30 min intervals, compare to the bill info.


@Bensenville does your solar system have an app that can do this for you ?

Even most older systems (say up to a decade old) have something that can do this, even if a sender type unit that can get the info to a computer.

But newer systems almost always have an app that gives very detailed usage / production info to a phone app.