Comparing Usage to Previous Periods

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It would be great if this feature was on the App as well as the Web.

Also it would be much better when using this feature that a selected “Hour Of The Day” remained selected when changing the date.

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Hi @GMacD53 


Thanks for taking the time to submit your feedback. 


We will take this into consideration and monitor further demand for this feature in the app to help with prioritisation. 


I will also pass on your feedback on locking the hour of day to the My Account team. 



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Status changed to: Good Idea, Vote!

Yes, I agree - would like to see this feature implemented also.  

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Since this feature was requested, we've made improvements to usage insights on the app. These include:


  • Chart comparison/summary of the last 12 months of usage in cost ($) and usage (kWh) as well as daily and monthly averages (cost and usage). The months with the highest and lowest cost and usage are also presented.
  • Weekly comparison/summary for a specific month to see weekly usage comparison, average usage per week as well as comparison of this month’s usage to pervious and next month.
  • Solar customers can compare their monthly and weekly usage including ‘Bought from grid’ and ‘Sold to grid’ values (in kWh/$) as well as average monthly and weekly figures.