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Re: Old gas meter replaced by new gas meter

I have contacted you via chat twice. First time I sent a picture with new meter and reading and the second time a week later after again being unable to enter my own meter reading. The second chat ended when your representative left me waiting for 15 minutes and then just disappeared from the chat. Thats why I've tried this forum
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Old gas meter replaced by new gas meter

Someone came to my house a month ago and replaced the gas meter with a new one. As it's a new meter it started at 0000.0000 so when I tried to enter a meter reading I got an error as the reading was 6881 and I can't enter a lower reading. I sent a picture to the online chat guy but I still can't enter a manual reading. How long will it take to fix this. I would of thought that the company who changed the meter would of notified AGL
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