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Re: Solar Credit Refund

No, after the matter was dealt with by the Ombudsman's office I told the person who phoned me from AGL that the credit balance used to be paid each year by cheque. That's when he said that AGL pays any credit solar refunds on October 27, each year as stated in my original post. That's when I asked will any credit balance be paid this coming October to which he replied Yes. I then said so do I have to do anything further to which the reply was that it would be paid automatically each year on Oct ...
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Ian-D Switched-on

Solar Credit Refund

I contacted AGL regarding non receipt of the solar credit which they has not refunded for some time. I was not getting anywhere with them and had to resort to lodging a complaint with the Energy & Water Ombudsman. The intervention by the Ombudsman resulted in my getting the refund. I subsequently received a phone call from AGL who informed me that they automatically send the refund on 27th October each year. I asked why I didn't receive a refund in October 2020 with a response that they were una ...
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