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Re: AGL Rewards - Coles & Woolies

Hi David, Please be advised that due to a lack of response from AGL on this thread, I have today switched my electricity to another energy provider. Their rates are slightly lower and they offer better rewards than AGL. My gas is still with AGL though I plan on moving that to another provider soon. I hope that AGL brings back their supermarket gift cards as that was the best benefit that they had going on for them in this competitive environment.
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Re: AGL Rewards - Coles & Woolies

Hi Steve, Is there any update on the addition of supermarket giftcards to AGL rewards? I just switched both gas and electricity to AGL but I will consider switching it back to another competitor if the discounted giftcards are not brought back. It is disappointing and false advertising on the AGL rewards website about giftcards related to groceries.
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