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Internet connection slow

Nobody answers the phone 6 calls within the last week CHAT DOESNT WORK PHONE DOESNT WORK E-MAIL ARE USELESS 5 e-mails no response The Internet needs to be reset by me 3-5 times daily as the connection drops Current speed 5 MPS promised 65+ MPS nobody calls or e-emails back other the billing which is always on time SO IN A SHORT VERSION, THEY DONT CARE THEY ONLY WANT TO COLLECT THE $$$$$$$$ THEY ARE SCARED TO TALK TO YOU OR EVEN SIMPLY E-MAIL
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Internet connection

The first order was launched approx 3 weeks ago around 30th Nov.on Sat the 12th, according to your e-mail, my internet connections was establishedI am now sending you this e-mail on Tuesday the 15th of December to inform youthat I still don't have an Internet connection.I will assume that you will not be going to charge me till a connection is establishedin addition, advise me why you are unable to connect to my Internet.You have not responded to my e-mail from the 12th as well.I hope this is no ...
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