Internet connection

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The first order was launched approx 3 weeks ago around 30th Nov.

on Sat the 12th, according to your e-mail, my internet connections was established

I am now sending you this e-mail on Tuesday the 15th of December to inform you
that I still don't have an Internet connection.
I will assume that you will not be going to charge me till a connection is established
in addition, advise me why you are unable to connect to my Internet.
You have not responded to my e-mail from the 12th as well.
I hope this is not your form of customer service that you are providing, to simply ignore
inquires from your customers and hope that they will not respond.
I feel this is highly unprofessional-
Kind Regards
Gordon B Heilmann
AGL Community Manager
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Hi @GordonB12 , sorry to hear you've had a bad experience with getting your internet set up, it sounds extremely frustrating. We don't actually have an email address for customer service, so it's likely that the email you mention from the 12th was not received.

This community will assist you as much as we can, but please be aware that it's not a formal customer service channel either, and we don't have access to your account details.


The best approach to get in touch so that customer service can resolve issue for you, is to please contact us via phone or web chat.