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Track Energy Usage on Website

Hi When I try to track my energy usage via the website, (not the app, the app works fine) I receive a message stating "Solar insights are coming soon". There is another option to choose "Go to energy & solar usage" but this takes me AGL IQ which only allows me to see my GAS usage. I have tried clearing the cache, restarting the computer and trying on a different machine - but no luck, and this has been happening for months now. Have called the contact centre numerous times but no luck
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Re: AGLIQ not working for solar

I am also not able to see my Energy usage online or in the app in the App - get the message "Sorry, we were unable to retrieve your usage charges. Please try again later"This has been happening since we had the smart meter installed - over 2 months ago On the Website - get the message below"Solar insights are coming soonThe good news is that you can still view your electicity usage and solar feed in data in AGL IQ." The only problem is, AGL IQ does not show energy usage, only lets me see GAS usa ...
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