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Re: Choosing a Home Battery

Went off the boil for a little while trying to judge the right time to buy. At present I'm looking at a SunPower 10.1kwh LIon. What are your thoughts on V2H?? Have you tried any VPPs?
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Recommendations for AC solar batteries?

Hi, What do people recommend for AC coupled solar batteries? Anyone had experience with anything outside of Tesla PW? (I know they're good, just looking into any viable alternatives)
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Re: Latest price rise

Basically because there are so many solar users feeding into the grid at the exact time when the companies don't need power (middle of the day). In fact, all the extra power is hard on the network. Power is so cheap at those times that prices can sometimes even go negative for the energy generators, so they are paying to give away power. They arent going to pay high FIT to buy power if they have to pay again to give it away! But as I often see @NeilC saying, you get solar to save money not to m ...
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Re: SOLAR USERS: whats one thing you wish you knew before you went solar?

Thanks John that's very helpful. I am thinking most likely 3 phase. Did you go for one of the solar battery bundles through AGL?
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