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Re: Disappointment with product

To whom it may concernMy wife and I are very disappointed as we are long time customers with AGL and have always helped with self reads. I go to the expense of getting solar to help my costs and reduce your peak demand and base load. In return you offer a feed in tariff which is below the best on market of 9c kWH and you reduce my on time payment from 28% to 23% and also charge a rental on my meter. You do have our business at present which obviously does not mean much to a AGL. Rest assured i ...
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Energy Costs

Agl has been good to us however the discounts availble to consumers definitely make you look to transfer to another energy supplier. We will be leaving AGL shortly unless they can meet or get close to the pay on time discounts being offered and this should also apply to current invoice. We should be in the vicinity of -22% to -28% not what we are currently getting. 11%?????Thx V Much
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