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Re: AGL App not displaying "sold to grid" for a number of days.

Currently experiencing same issue. I'm waiting for a call back from resolutions team (3rd time I've been promised one). Had a gutful of it personally. How hard can it be to get it right? Was told it would be fixed 3-5 days, that was over two weeks ago. I just seem to keep going around in circles. I was told even though the data may not be syncing on the app, everything is still 'working' in the backend, so for all those days my feed-in isn't being displayed on the app I am clueless to how much ...
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Resolutions Team?

Dear AGL, I have been waiting for a rather simple data sync issue with your app to be resolved for two weeks now. I have been in contact with a number of your live chat agents who have assured me it will be fixed in 3-5 days, have assured me of a call back from your Australian Resolutions Team. Yet here I am still waiting for a call back (been promised 3 times) and still waiting for my issue to be resolved. I'm beyond frustrated and would like to get this resolved today otherwise I will need t ...
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