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Re: Bill soothing - What happens to current bills?

Hi Neil, That is helpful, thank you. That figure was actually for one month. It has been freezing in our suburb, and our gas heating cost us 3 x more than usual this month. So my concern was whether the bill soothing will over-charge us (as normal months it only costs like $100 not $300). How long will it take to re-adjust the rate? I.e., do you automatically re-evaluate it at the start of every month or year? Or do I have to write a request to have it re-adjusted? I just don't want to over-pay ...
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Bill soothing - What happens to current bills?

Hi, I just got a gas bill for $300 due at the end of this month, and I set up bill soothing to make this more affordable which turned out $68 a fortnight instead. My question is will I still be charged the $300 and then the bill soothing taking effect after this, or does the bill soothing include the existing bill I have for $300 but spread out over the year. A related question: When are bill soothing numbers re-evaluated? E.g., will it always stay at $68/fortnight, or is this updated based on u ...
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