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Re: AGL Skill for Amazon Alexa | Discussion and Feedback Thread

Now customers can get information about their accounts such as account balance, bill due date, historical bills and usage cost. They can also switch to e-billing and arrange a payment extension, plus they can get over 70 energy saving tips for around the home simply by saying 'Alexa, ask AGL for an energy saving tip'. More features are being developed every week. So keep checking in and trying out these new features. Visit agl.com.au/alexaskill to view our Alexa Skill demo video which shows you ...
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Re: Get a bonus Amazon Echo!

Hi BrisbaneGee Apologies for this late response. If you are an existing AGL customer or have moved into a new home, your Amazon Echo device will be shipped to this mailing address approximately 7 business days after your 10 business day cooling off period or your supply commencement date, whichever is later. If you're switching to AGL from another retailer, your Amazon Echo device will be shipped approximately 7 business days after AGL becomes your retailer, which could take up to 3 months. We ...
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