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Re: 10 times higher bill

I already had it sorted.Apparently the formula for centralized hot water in a block of units is different.Instead of heating value and pressure factor, a multiplier of 10 and a common factor are used.You stand correct with two of the bills being wrong. I always suvmitted my own reads in te AGL app and according to the customer service representative, who finally took his time to look into it, said there had been a system error, so the readings did not show up correct. Both bills have since been ...
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Priit Conductor

10 times higher bill

I just received my latest gas bill and it is out of this world.I always enter my own reads, so I have no idea what has gone wrong.I have been in contact with customer service and according to them everything is correct based on the reading I have provided.So either something in the billing formula has changed or the meter is wrong, which got changed end of last year by the way. When I look at past bills, every single one of them looks different in terms of factors and multipliers, which does not ...
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