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Re: NBN schedule for maintenance notices!

I contacted support after many attempts to troubleshoot. I also did not receive any notification about an outage. Support told me I should have received a message. I checked the NBN page prior to calling support for outages etc., and none were listed. After speaking with support, I checked the AGL page again and it was listed. I’m in 5114. Not Elizabeth or Prospect.
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Re: Web page, survey obliterates email of receipt

Similar just happened to me. I paid my Gas account and the receipt page (email / print) option briefly opened and before I could choose an option, the page went to a survey. I tried to go back but it wouldn't allow. Just kept opening the survey page. I tried to find a receipt option in my account, but there doesn't seem to be one. I ended up using snipping tool to save an image of the pending payment. This wasn't an issue when I paid my last electricity bill.
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