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Re: Digital Meter Upgrade

been promised the installation since November (for Feb)reminded them again and again. Still nothing.Ombudsman might be the answer?
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Re: New Meter

that's nothing. Ws promised last year an installation for Feb and still nothing
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Re: Nett meter installation.

at least others been promissed too.............
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Re: Net Meter upgrade issue

So pleased I found this Community web site.Had long discussion with my precious electricity provider who I was using for many many years.They either wanted a monthly fee for a net meter of asked me to have it installed myself. Gave me a list of authorized electrician and I got 2 quotes well over $1000 and many didn't answer my requests or just told me they do industrial only.Out of the blue I received a phone call from a call centre suggesting to change service providers, normally I cut them of ...
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