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Dirty Power

I've recently seen an IT business in the Riverland, South Australia stating they have had to fix quite a few PSU's in computers recently and investigation has identified dirty power as the cause. They claim it may also affect TV's etc. I have several thousand dollars worth of electronic equipment including 7 computer systems so this is of course a concern. Whilst I understand this can happen very occassionally, the suggestion here is it's common and may have been happening for sometime here in t ...
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Straight answer. You're killing me.

I'm an unemployed father of 6. We receive no income apart from the family benefit tax A & B. Don't ask me why we don't get anything else, government decided to cut all the lump sums we used to get that paid our bills. Our small business puts food on the table. We spent all winter huddled in blankets. We run 2 computers each day, dealing with customers trying to make ends meet. We rent, we cannot have solar panels. My last bill was $850+. We're dying here. I live in the Riverland where summer tem ...
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