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Re: running two solar systems

Thanks.All good. In NSW I am allowed up to 10kw system so at far as I was told both systems are now operating (although not sure how I can tell about the smaller one ??) . Anyway the new system is running fantastically.Paul 
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Re: App not updating

It is 12.47pm Jan 13 and my data last updated on Monday Jan 6th ..... so.... ????
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running two solar systems

I have a 1.5kkw 6 panel solar system... 10 years old so it now only pulls about 750w (half). It still works though. I want to get a new 6.6kw system. Does anyone know if the two can run successfully side by side at my house? Also... while I am at it. Can that happen (or even just the 6.6kw system) on my single phase power connection? Any ideas or experience out there?ThanksPaul
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