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Re: Smart Meter Reading and estimated figures

Hi Schander,Thanks for your reply. The meter is an EDMI Mk7c Atlas. I 'think' this meter was installed when the house was built in 2008. We purchased in 2010. We installed a 1.5Kw system in 2012 and have been getting credits for solar that we generated from it. Our previous supplier, dodo, were giving us quarterly bills and I assumed they were getting data remotely, but not so apparently. The problem only became apparent when we joined AGL and opted for monthly bills. I've since contacted AGL ...
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Harufy Switched-on

Smart Meter Reading and estimated figures

I’m a brand new AGL customer. We have an existing smart meter with solar panels. Our first bill shows an estimated reading that is way out. If I try to use your ‘Enter Your Meter Read’ facility it says I can’t as the reading is taken automatically.1. If the reading is taken automatically then why is a very inaccurate estimated reading used?2. If it is too difficult to read remotely then why can’t I enter a reading? 31/8 Update after phoning AGL: Apparently out smart meter is one that cannot be ...
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